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There is a popular new surfboard with surfers around the globe called the Stand Up Paddle Surfboard, or the SUP Kauai. You may be wondering what Stand Up Paddle Surfboards are exactly, and how they are different than traditional surfboards we all know. The simple explanation is that Stand Up Paddle Surfboards are used to cruise on waves like regular boards, but the difference is that you stand up on the board the entire time and propel yourself with a long paddle rather than lying down and paddling with your arms. 

SUP's are fast becoming a surfer's fun alternative to the longboard on those small wave days. They can also be used on still water, like gliding around on the bay, coves, or on a lake. SUP Kauai is a great workout and tons of fun, and no surfer's quiver is complete without one. Stand up paddle surfers have the unique advantage of being able to see much lower into the trough, and they can also spot waves much easier. So at this point, your just gonna want to cruise around and wait for the right wave to come.

You can get a wider board for stability, but a wider board paddles slower, so you don't want to get bigger than you need if you want to take up paddle boarding. It is recommended by many manufacturers to use deck padding as opposed to the usual surf wax, because rubber deck padding is easier for your feet to grab onto while you're paddling around and standing the entire time on your SUP Wailua

You will fall in the water a lot when you are learning, so don't be afraid to fall off and get back up there! If you get the hang of paddling around on the flat water and perfect your turns and maneuvers there, you will be ready to tackle surfing with your SUP Wailua. And if it's a small wave day, just paddling around the calm water and going through the motions is good for keeping your sea legs in shape and your overall body conditioning.

So if you have been wondering what the Stand Up Paddle Surfboard trend is about, you know now. If you have wanted a new workout, then SUP Boarding may be the next sport for you to try. If you are thinking about getting a SUP Wailua, consult an expert to help you pick out the right length and width for your new board, as well as the right deck padding and paddle. Stand Up Paddle Surfboards are a great alternative to a traditional longboard, giving you a great workout and boarding experience even on the small wave days.

Stand up paddle board rentals are always available during normal business hours. If you are looking for a specific size Kauai SUP Rental, we recommend calling ahead. You have your choice of wooden or carbon paddles, but if you're just trying it out, it's recommended that you get a wooden paddle that is 6 inches taller than your height. So you have taken your SUP out for a lazy Sunday afternoon cruise across calm waters, and now you think you’re ready for some stand up paddle surfing.

The many reasons people choose to Kauai SUP Rental is that it is indeed a fun physical activity that is low impact, and provides excellent aerobic and cardiovascular exercise. All rental SUP boards include any necessary transportation equipment. Our guides will assist you in loading your vehicle, and give you detailed instructions on our favorite local areas to paddle! 

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The most important gear in the sport is the stand up Paddle Boarding Kauai River. There are different board sizes and anyone planning to make the investment can buy one based on their weight and experience. The more experienced paddlers often choose narrow boards. Learners or novice paddlers should select boards that are wider and flatter, which offer a higher degree of stability. The paddles also vary in length and the best size would be between 6 and 8 inches taller than the user.
Kauai Sup Boards
Kauai Sup Boards

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This sport has become a popular alternative to some of the more traditional water sports because of its accessibility and teachable ease. Within a relatively short stand up paddle boarding lesson, a novice can soon begin to get the hang of it, able to navigate and control their movement and glide through the water. Also, as strong waves are not a necessity for propelling or navigating the craft, it can be easily adapted to many climates and geography, fueling its booming popularity.
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Stand Up Paddle Surfing has progressed in leaps and bounds as board shapes and riders have pushed the limits of performance. There are multiple styles of SUP surfing that relate to preference and wave size. Some prefer to "rip" and "shred" on a smaller board keeping their feet in relatively the same position on the board, others prefer to "walk" the board from nose to tail in a more traditional although no less skilled manner. Each of these varied styles are generally but not exclusively performed on different board shapes.
Kauai Sup Rental
Kauai Sup Rental

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Stand Up Paddle Kauai is basically about standing on a large surfboard and propelling it through open water. It is similar to stand-up canoeing, the only difference being the use of only one paddle. The movement or combination of paddling and balancing offers excellent exercise that builds the core body strength. It also improves or strengthens the arm and leg muscles. A half-hour workout will work as well or better than most gym workouts; and its much more fun. This fast-growing sport is an easy way to enjoy being on the water, using minimum effort and equipment.
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